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A new Cornish–English English Cornish Dictionary by R. Morton–Nance
Publisher: Agan Tavas
This is the fourth reprint and Morton-Nance memorial edition of the much sought–after 1938 dictionary. It contains much useful material which was omitted from later dictionaries for reasons of economy. A word list at the back ensures that new words found since 1938 are included. 438 pages. UC

1 901409 03 1 Hardback £12.95


English-Cornish Dictionary (2nd Edition) by Nicholas Williams MA, PhD, DipCeltStud. (Golvan)
Publishers: Agan Tavas & Evertype
The most comprehensive English-Cornish dictionary ever published. It has more than 25000 head words as well as a number of useful appendices. 500 + pages, Unified Cornish Revised spelling.

1 901409 09 0 & 1 904808 06 9 (√Čire) Hardback £28.00


Kernewek mar plek! by Christine Truran

Book 1 and the tapes are out of stock but book 2 is still available. A useful and fun addition to other learning material. UC

950643157 Book 2 £4.99


Kernuak Es by Andrew Climo-Thompson
Publisher: Kernuak Es
This is the first course book to make use of Unified Cornish Revised but with a few "variations found in West Cornwall". It has plenty of useful exercises and the aim is to help the student to speak Cornish without having to learn too much grammar. UCR

0 9541494 0 8 £7.95
CD for Kernuak Es £7.95


Cornish for Beginners by P.A.S. Pool
Publisher: Cornish Language Board
This book provides a very good elementary grammar of Cornish and is an ideal book to use alongside the Kernewek Mar Plek course where the grammar provided is more basic. UC

185022076X £3.95


Cornish Simplified – Part 2 by A.S.D. Smith (Caradar) edited by Talek
Publisher: Dyllansow Truran
A.S.D. Smith left a mass of valuable notes which he had intended to use in an "Advanced Cornish Grammar" and Talek has made them available to learners in this volume. UC

0907566693 £4.50


Clappya Kernowek gans N.J.A. Williams, MA, PhD, DipCeltStud. (Golvan)

Publisher: Agan Tavas
The first Cornish grammar to be written by a professional Celtic scholar. This book brings Unified Cornish up to date with the latest Celtic Studies. It contains 29 lessons and a short vocabulary, many of the revisions contained in this book make the learning of Cornish simpler while at the same time making the revived language more authentic. UCR

1 901409 01 5 £12.00


Cornish Dictionary Supplement No. 1
Publisher: Agan Tavas
A supplement to the Unified Cornish Dictionary of Robert Morton–Nance. This supplement proposes suitable words for items in the kitchen and road transport. UC

1901409007 £1.95


Cornish Dictionary Supplement No. 2
Publisher: Cornish Language Board
This supplement proposes suitable words for items in the Home and Office. UC



Cornish Dictionary Supplement No. 3
Publisher: Agan Tavas
The third supplement proposes suitable words for a variety of modern concepts. UC



Lessons in Spoken Cornish by A.S.D. Smith (Caradar)
Publisher: Dyllansow Truran
Now into its 5th edition. This book was written by Caradar to help learners with their spoken Cornish. It is therefore a useful supplement to the other grammars that are available. UC

0 907566 78 2 £1.95


Notes on Spoken Cornish
Publisher: Dyllansow Truran
This fine book by Rod Lyon & John Pengilly has been written to show the learner the pattern of everyday traditional spoken Cornish.It uses examples from the early revivalists who wrote down what they heard from native speakers of the time. UC

1850220344 £1.20


Cornish is Fun
Publisher: y Lolfa

This is an informal way to learn Cornish by means of lively and amusing cartoons. The Cornish acquired will help the student to take part in everyday conversation with ease. All this for a bargain price! UC

0 86243 659 1 £4.95


A Cornish Phrase Book

Publisher: Dyllansow Truran
Of interest to the holiday maker in search of an unusual memento of his visit but also provides some very useful Cornish phrases for the learner.

1 850220786 UC £1.99


Kescowsow - Conversations in Cornish gans John Parker
A series of role play situations designed to help students improve their spoken Cornish. English on one page and Cornish on the opposite page. 13 scenarios.

978-0-9548451-4-8 UC £1.90


Stories in Cornish


Lyver Henwhethlow gans An Rev. D.R. Evans, B.A. (Gwas Cadok)
Publisher: Cornish Language Board
This book of 18 short stories is both entertaining and instructive. The stories are fables and although the Cornish may be advanced for some learners, because they are short, it is not too daunting to work through them one at a time. UC



Whethlow Tus Huvel gans Dorothy Richards (Lelder)
These stories have a charm all of their own. Dorothy's style of writing in this book comes closest of all to the way that Cornish would have actually been spoken in the 16th century. UC



Nebes Whethlow Ber gans A.S.D. Smith, M.A. (Caradar)
Publisher: Dyllansow Truran
A book of 11 short stories in one volume by Caradar. Although written a while ago Caradar's style is timeless. The stories are both entertaining and easy to read. UC



An Gurun Wosek a Geltya gans Melville Bennetto (Abransek)
Publisher: Dyllansow Truran
The first novel ever to be published in Cornish! A story of the struggle of the Celtic peoples for identity and independence.

185022000X £1.50


Kemysk Kernwewk Arnoweth gans Alexander Menhinick ha Mark Dorrell
Publisher: Spyrys a Gernow
A new collection of plays short stories and poetry. Some sad some very funny. UC

0 9535975 2 0 £2.45


Dyvroans gans Myghal Palmer
Publisher: Spyrys a Gernow
This novel tells the story of a Cornish miner in the 19th century who was forced by circumstances to move to Australia and the events that befell him. The writing is well researched and is based on Myghal's own family history. UC



Rebellyans gans Myghal Palmer
Publisher: Spyrys a Gernow

This novel is set in a world that has suffered from global warming and nuclear accidents in Eastern Europe. Much of Europe is run by dictatorships and this book tells the story of a group of Cornish young men and their struggle for freedom in a changed world. In UCR.

0 9535975 3 9 £5.00


Godros gans Myghal Palmer
Publisher: Spyrys a Gernow

Michael's last novel ventures into the realms of Science Fantasy using characters from Celtic mythology. His longest novel so settle down for a good long read in Cornish! UC

0-9548451-0-2 £4.90


Whethlow an Seyth Den Fur a Rom gans A.S.D. Smith,M.A. (Caradar)

Publisher: Dyllansow Truran
Translated from the Welsh this story originated in India about 500 BC but has changed during its journey West. The tale tells of the triumph of true evidence over false. UC

1850220166 £1.50


Bewnans Alysaryn gans Peggy Pollard (Arlodhes Ywerdhon)
Publisher: Spyrys a Gernow
Bewnans Alysaryn was first printed in 1941, it is written as a play with the verses written in the form of a miracle play. It actually turns Bewnans Meriasek on its head and as such is a very amusing piece of writing but with a serious message. (First in series Classic Cornish Stories) UC



Enys Ancow gans Myghal Palmer
Publisher: Spyrys a Gernow
Myghal wrote this short story some time ago and we are pleased to re-publish
it as the second book in our series Classic Cornish Stories. It is an interesting tale of gluttony and revenge set in a Cornish fishing village. UC

0 9535975 1 2 £1.95


Map nep Dama - An Whethel Ingrid recordyes gans Heather Ashworth
Publisher: Spyrys a Gernow

As far as we are aware, this is the first biography ever to be written in Cornish. It is the story of a German lady who met a Cornish soldier while he was serving in Germany just after World War II. They got married and she came to live in Cornwall. It is in fact the story of the last 60 years. UC

0 9535975 6 3 £1.75


Whedhel Gyttern gans Heather Ashworth
Publisher: Spyrys a Gernow
A short story about a guitar! The life story of a guitar incorporating the history of pop music over the last half century. In UCR and a fairly easy read UC

978-0-9548451-4-8 £1.50


Whethlow wosa Tewlder gans Myghal Palmer
Publisher: Spyrys a Gernow
A book of 6 short horror stories, each one has an unexpected ending. Definitely not for the squeamish. UC



Whethlow an Mor gans Myghal Palmer
Publisher: Spyrys a Gernow
Following Myghal Palmer's death we were reminded that these short stories remained unpublished. 5 short stories all connected with the sea and all with unexpected endings. UC

0-9548451-1-0 £1.95


Jowan Chy an Horth Examined gans John Page (Gwas Kenethlow)

Publisher: Dyllansow Truran
The famous folk tale of the three wisdoms. John Page uses the story to highlight important points of Cornish grammar. UC

0 907566 36 7 £1.75


Whethlow Noweth ha Coth gans John Page (Gwas Kenethlow)
Publisher: John Page
This book of 10 short stories is a little easier for the beginner containing as it does many helpful grammatical notes after each story. UC



An Pylarlyth - Un Drolla Petrok gans Nigel Roberts
Publisher: Spyrys a Gernow

A colourful cartoon book inspired by Whethlow an Tylu Sprygan. Petrok's adventures make a delightful story which is not too difficult for a beginner to work through. UC

0 9535975 9 8 £1.99




Gol Snag Bud ha Gwersyow Whath gans Tim Saunders
Publisher: Spyrys a Gernow

Tim Saunders Cornish poetry needs no introduction but this is his first work in Unified Cornish. Tim uses some unusual techniques in this book which work well and each verse has an English translation on the opposite page. UC

0 9535975 7 1 £1.85


Cornish For Children


Everyday words in Cornish

Publisher: Agan Tavas Hardback

One of the Usborne range of children's books translated into Cornish. A very colourful book with about 500 words. Designed to help children and/or adults expand their Cornish in a fun way. UC

1 901409 08 2 £9.99


Whethel an Tylu Sprygan gans Mavis Timms ha Joanna Tucker
Publisher: Spyrys a Gernow

A fairy story for children of all ages! First printed by Cowethas an Yeth Kernewek, the third book in the series Classic Cornish Stories. The late Joanna Tucker's drawings make this a charming little book to own. UC

0 9535975 5 5 £2.50


An Ky a gerdhes bys dhe Loundres trelyes gans Vanessa Beeman
Publisher: Gwask Noonvares

The popular children's story about Brengy the dog who accompanied his owner Ann Trevenen Jenkin to London on the commemorative march for the 1497 uprising. Loads of colour photographs and some excellent drawing by Craig Weatherhill. UC

0 9524601-4-9 £7.50


Canow Fleghes
Publisher: Dalleth
A book of delightful songs for children in Cornish. Words have been put to tunes from all over the Celtic world. UC



Canow ha Whethlow Fleghes
Publisher: Dalleth
The tape which accompanies the above book. The B side has a number of readings of popular children's stories in Cornish. UC



Lyver Lywa
Publisher: Dalleth
An inexpensive colouring book for children which helps them to learn a few Cornish words and phrases in a fun way. UC



Lyver Lywans gans Brian Young
Publisher: Spyrys a Gernow

A publishing first! The first book to be printed in more than one of the Celtic languages. This is a colouring book of creatures from Celtic mythology with a brief description in Welsh, Cornish and Breton. Brian Young's Celtic artwork is superb and of a type not hither to seen. A book to delight children and adults alike. UC

0 9535975 0 4 £2.95


The Bible


Testament Noweth - The New Testament
Publisher: Spyrys a Gernow

Translated into Cornish by Nicholas Williams MA, PhD, DipCeltStud. (Golvan). The first complete New Testament in Cornish. Comes complete with maps of the Holy Land and the journeys of St Paul. Nicholas Williams has made much use of scripture extracts from the historical Cornish texts which gives the book a fresh feel and makes it easy to read even for a less advanced student. UCR

0 9535975 4 7 Hardback £15.95


Lyver Pejadow rag Kenyver Jorna gans Rev. Andy Phillips
A Cornish prayer book with English translations devised to help Christians worship through the medium of Cornish. The book also contains brief lives of the main Cornish Saints. UC

First Edition. 0 9535975 8 X £3.50


An Awayl herwyth Sen Mark
Publisher: An Lef Kernewek
The gospel according to St. Mark. Translated into Cornish by A.S.D. Smith (Caradar). For this translation studies were made of Welsh and Breton bibles. UC £1.50


An Awayl herwyth Sen Jowan
Publisher: Dyllansow Truran
The gospel according to St. John. Translated into Cornish by John Page (Gwas Kenethlow). As with other translations use has been made of the bible in Welsh in order to provide the best possible translation. UC

0907566774 £2.50


Historical Texts


Gwryans an Bys
Publisher: Dyllansow Truran
Creation of the World is a Cornish Drama written by William Jordon (1611) but almost certainly transcribed from a much earlier manuscript. This version was put into the standard Unified spelling by Morton–Nance and A.S.D. Smith and edited by E.G. Retallack–Hooper. The Cornish has an English translation over leaf. UC

0907566367 £2.45


The Cornish Ordinalia - 1st Play: Origo Mundi
Publisher: Agan Tavas
It has taken 17 years but at last the task of publishing all three parts of the Ordinalia in Unified Cornish has been completed. Fittingly, for the first play in the series, Origo Mundi has an excellent preface by Jane French who as Jane Bakere was the author of "The Cornish Ordinalia: a Critical Study". This preface provides the historical setting for all three plays as well as additional information on the place names mentioned in Origo Mundi. Additional editing was carried out on this first play by Ray Chubb and Richard Jenkin. UC

1 901409 06 6 £11.95


The Cornish Ordinalia - 2nd Play: Christ's Passion
Publisher: Cornish Language Board
The earliest religious play in Cornish. This version was also transcribed into Unified Cornish by Morton–Nance and A.S.D. Smith but it was not until after their death that their manuscripts were edited by Graham Sandercock and published by the Cornish Language Board in this volume. A literal English translation is placed alongside the Cornish. UC



The Cornish Ordinalia - 3rd Play: Resurrection
Publisher: The Cornish Language Board
Two years later the Cornish Language Board published the third play in the same format as the second. UC



The Camborne Play by Myrna Combellack

Publisher: Dyllansow Truran
A verse translation into English of the only surviving British Saint's play Bewnans Meriasek. This translation was made primarily for acting. The book is colour coded in order to divide the play into its various parts. A great opportunity for non Cornish speakers to become familiar with this lively and historical work. UC

1850220395 £4.95


Noy ha'n Gorhel edited by P.A.S. Pool and William Morris
Publisher: Gwask Abermur
An extract from the first part of the Ordinalia telling the story of Noah's flood. In Cornish with a literal English translation along side. UC



Sylvester ha'n Dhragon transcribed and translated by R. Morton-Nance
Publisher: Agan Tavas
An extract from the Miracle Play the Life of Meryasek, put into Unified Cornish by Morton-Nance with a literal English translation. Recently reprinted as a facsimile with a new attractive cover. UC

1 901409 05 8 £1.75


Other Titles


A St. Piran Miscellany - Kemysk Sen Perran by Brian Webb
Publisher: Dyllansow Truran
This book contains just about all there is to know about Cornwall's patron saint. As well as his life in Cornwall it details what is known about him in the other Celtic countries. This book is written in Cornish and English. UC

01907566448 £1.50


Names for the Cornish
Publisher: Dyllansow Truran
This book has been prepared to help Cornish parents with the practical task of choosing distinctively Cornish first names for their children. The work is well researched and the 300 names put forward are based on firm historical evidence. UC

1 85022 122 7 £2.99


A Handbook of Cornish Surnames by G. Pawley White (Gunwyn)
Publisher: Dyllansow Truran
This book is now into its third edition and with an increasing interest in the study of family history it is likely to become more popular than ever. For those who think they do not have a Cornish surname this book is still an interesting read and who knows, perhaps you may discover that your surname is Cornish after all! UC

1 85022 127 8 £3.99


Place-names in Cornwall and Scilly by Craig Weatherhill
A very comprehensive book of Cornish place names and their meanings. Craig has used research material such as old mining records that have been overlooked by other experts. The book is conveniently divided into the six District Council areas and many of the names are presented for the first time in this publication. UC

1-903035-25-2 £8.99


The Place-names of West Penwith by P.A.S. Pool, M.A.,F.S.A.
The most comprehensive survey of place names undertaken for any area of Cornwall. The late Peter Pool was a careful scholar and this is apparent in this work UC



Field names of West Penwith by P.A.S. Pool, M.A.,F.S.A.
This book needs no introduction. A timely work which gives a fascinating insight into how fields were given Cornish names. UC



The Story of the Cornish Language by Peter Berresford Ellis
Publisher: Tor Mark Press
This booklet provides an abridged history of the Cornish language from its time before the Saxon conquest until the period of its revival. Additional information has been added so that the state of the revival up until the publication date of this third edition (1998) has been included. UC

0 85025 371 3 £2.95


Cornish Names for Cornish Homes by Crysten Fudge
Publisher: Dyllansow Truran
An ever increasing number of people in Cornwall wish to give their homes a Cornish name. Many have difficulty in choosing a name, others, by not seeking good advice, make mistakes that cause amusement amongst Cornish speakers. This excellent book provides reliable guidance and also many examples for those having difficulty in making a decision. Beautifully illustrated by Laura Rowe. UC



Other Items


Enamel St Piran's (Cornish) Flag lapel badges



Cronek Hager Du - Arweth rag Kernewegoryon, ny vern py per gallos



Cloth sew-on Flag Badges Choice of 3 captions:

- "Kernow", "Cornwall", "I'm Proud to be Cornish" £1.20


Cornish Birthday Cards: Cornish only (Penbloth Lowen) birthday cards blank inside to write your own message. Front scenes from pictures by Cornwall-based artists.

Pack of 5 assorted £4.95


Cornish Christmas Cards:

Cornish greeting - Cornish/English verse. Plain 25p

New style - 4 types 40p

Mebyon Kernow - 4 types black on white. 50p

2 Cornish scenes - full colour Cornish message inside and outside £1.10


Cornish Sea Creature Note Cards - The Cornish word for each creature is contained within the illustration. These cards are unique!



Cornish Flags

Half yard £18.50
Three quarter yard £21.00
One yard £24.00

Other sizes can be obtained, as well as flags of any other country: please ask


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